2017/18 CrossTri and Aquathlon

So after returning from the Worlds in Rotterdam in September, I was looking for a new challenge for 2017/18.  What could be new and challenging?  Off road triathlon!

So I bought a mountainbike, and signed up for several off-road tri’s (crossTri) and started training in orfder to try and qualify to make the Australian representative team for the Multisport Worlds in Denmark in July 2018.

new MTB


Bendigo (Vic States) CrossTri – finished 2nd

Crackenback Nationals CrossTri – finished 3rd,  and Aqualthlon – finished 2nd

Hobart (Tas States) CrossTri – finished 1st!  and Aquathlon (4th)


Needless to say, I made the team!  So I will again be pulling on the green and gold to represent Australia at the Cross Tri and Aquathlon World Champs in Denmark.  Wacko!

Worlds 2018 kit       20180712_104717

2018 –Multisport Worlds in Denmark

I had a couple of weeks before the race again, so rented a car in Copenhagen and drove around Norway and Sweden.  What a ripper!

Arrived in Svendborg to my hotel, and received my race rental bike.   Not a good bike. I did a couple fo tester rides, including most of one lap of the bike course.  It was to be challenging, but not dangerous – just a few spots I’d get off and walk.

The swim was challenging, with swarms of jellyfish.

The bike?  Well, I had a couple of whoopsies, and my left pedal sheared out of the crank – so I had to pedal home with one foot!  And JUST made it in under the cutoff.

The run was great – with some really challenging parts, and some cliffs so steep they dropped ropes down so we could help pull ourselves up.

I was chasing the race cut-off the whole way (they pushed out start back by 30min) and made it in with one other runner, with 2 min to spare!

The AQUATHLON was led dramatic, over in Middlefart.  Still swarms of jellyfish, but a good swim, and a flat warm run.  Cracker of a way to finish up.

cross tri finish      FB_IMG_1531413797559 

 A couple more days to chill and sightsee, and it was off again home.  

Next?  Hmmmm…… I think I need a few more years to get better at MTBing – or to get my distances back up for the Long Course.  

So maybe next year, back to OD – over in Switzerland!  Lets see how that goes.


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